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The Peruvian Net against Child Pornography is a non-profit organisation that works against Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons and especially aganist Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Peru and Latin America. We are working and liaising with institutions that aim the same objectives.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parents Rent Children to Pornographers for a Few Cents in Peru

Lima - Perú.- (Latin American Herald) Many poor central Peruvian families prostitute their children for a “nuevo sol” (34 cents) and complaints have been received that children as young as 3 are being raped in pornographic videos, the press reported Sunday.
Many families in the interior of the country, for example, in (the Amazon city of Iquitos), rent out their children for money. In exchange for a nuevo sol or a quarter of a chicken, they order them to prostitute themselves,” Accion por los Niños director Maria Teresa Mosquera said in a commentary published by the Peru.21 newspaper.
The children’s rights defender also said that these families turn their children over to the criminals with the aim of making a little money or acquiring a few luxuries.
She said that the sexual deviants often convince their victims via the Internet, in “chat rooms” or on social networks.
The Peruvian Network against Child Pornography, meanwhile, complained that its experts had determined that various foreign bands are taking advantage of the sexual availability of minors in the country’s poorest areas to tape pornographic videos which are later sold on the black market.
We have information that they are making the tapes in the Peruvian jungle, in cities like Iquitos, Pucallpa and Madre de Dios,” said the president of the Network, Dimitri Senmache.
He said that little boys and girls are being abused in front of the cameras starting at age 3, adding that some of them are later murdered or smuggled out of the country to be prostituted or to do all sorts of other work, Peru.21 reported.
The bands also operate in tourist cities like Cuzco and Puno, where the videos allegedly are shot by foreigners.
Sources with the Peruvian police told Peru.21 that some of the child porn videos are sold at marketplaces in Lima, and they emphasized the difficulties confronting the authorities in makeing arrests in the matter given the delays in issuing arrest orders and existing regulations to protect the privacy of telecommunications.


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