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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Louis J. Levine has been arrested on a federal warrant for producing child pornography

Nashville, Tennessee - EE.UU.- (Bad teacher) Louis J. Levine, 52 years old, of Nashville, Tennessee, a science teacher who traveled among Murfreesboro City Schools and was also a substitute teacher in Nashville schools has been arrested on a federal warrant for producing child pornography. Levine’s arrest was the result of a cooperative effort between Metro Nashville Sex Crimes detectives and FBI agents.
Levine came to the attention of authorities by way of a call from a concerned parent of a minor teenage boy. The parent expressed concern about teens spending time with Levine at his home and indicated that they believed Levine purchased alcohol and marijuana for the teens and allowed them the use of a bedroom for sex.
It is alleged that Levine provided drugs to teenagers and allowed them to engage in sex in his home or on his property over the course of the past 30 years.
During the course of the investigation authorities interviewed teenagers of today and persons who were teens in the 1970s and 80s and both groups allegedly made similar allegations regarding sex and drug activity at Levine’s home.
Some of those interviewed by police told investigators of Levine videotaping sexual encounters between the teens while others have told investigators that Levine showed them what appeared to be homemade sex videos. It is further alleged that Levine had sexual contact with some of the teens.
The investigation into Levine’s alleged activities is continuing and state charges will possibly follow. Police ask that anyone with information regarding inappropriate behavior by Levine with minors is urged to contact the Metro Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit at 862-7540.
Reportedly, Levine was placed on
administrative leave from the Murfreesboro School System on April 1 after officials there learned he was under investigation. He has also reportedly been taken off the substitute teacher list for Nashville schools.
Reportedly Levine has in the past
worked at the Adventure Science Center, formerly the Cumberland Science Museum, as an animal expert and teacher, as well as at several youth camps.
Levine made an
initial appearance in federal court Tuesday afternoon and is scheduled for a detention hearing and a preliminary hearing on Friday.
The criminal complaint, in ‘PDF’ format, against Louis J. Levine is provided courtsey of the Nashville Police Department.
Investigators have reportedly identified even more teens who spent time at Levine’s home, some of them his own students. It is expected that more of them will be interviewed in the coming days.

The Tennessean reports:

A Metro police officer also confirmed Wednesday that Levine visited a youth camp operated by the Fraternal Order of Police with his father, Morris Levine, who gave comics to the children and sexually explicit magazines to the police officers working as camp counselors.
Reportedly, federal and state prosecutors expect to bring more charges as the investigation continues and investigators work their way through more than 400 homemade tapes seized from Levine’s padlocked bedroom.
If convicted of the charges filed thus far, Levine faces a minimum prison sentence of 15 years.